We choose Monza as our first grand prix and what an amazing weekend it was! We had general admission tickets and found a good view from the Lesmo corner though it was a long walk from the F1 Village.

We paid extra for parking (about £60) however it got us very close to the track and saved getting a bus. Traffic wasn't too bad on Saturday or Sunday, we were staying in Bergamo and it took about an hour in our fiat panda. Roads around the track are closed on the day however our parking pass got us through.

Flights into Milan (Bergamo) from Ryanair are cheap but Bergamo is still 50km from Milan. The toll road between Bergamo and Milan is fast and not too expensive.

Here are some of my pictures from the day:

The F1 village had stands from each team to buy merchandise.

The McLaren car.

Close up of the McLaren.

Kimi had a lot of fans.

Italian passion (and alcohol).

Lewis Hamilton going past at 190km/h.

Jenson's bike (we think).

Where we watched the race from.

The safety car.

Jenson fans!

Mark Webber after spinning out in front of us.

An autograph Mark?

The same Kimi fans on another day.

We had good view of a screen and the track.

Me on track.

The old track still loops around the new track - you can see how steep it is here.

Track walk after the race.

Parts of the pit wall after the race.

The only way I'm going to get up here is in photoshop....

The start/finish line.

Another view of the old track.

Full set of photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pwhite/sets/72157622265561939/