I'm a huge Command & Conquer fan so when I saw the new box set of all the games in the series for £20, i brought it.

I'm not a huge fan of serial numbers, those annoying things you always have to enter. Never the less I put up with them but the Command & Conquer First Decade install took the piss.


The first screen asked for the First Decade serial followed by this screen:


Then after this I was asked to enter another one!!!

The game is still installing, looking forward to playing it.

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hahaha, that does royaly suck!
Im a Command & Conquer fan too, according to XP Generals is the most used icon on my desktop :P

Amazing how the original C&C and Red Alert load instantly, used to have to wait ages inbetween games.


Come on.... Thats just silly!!!

still lauching tho :) hahaha

has anyone got a serial number for command and conquer so i can inxtall plz i cant find my one plz thanks

i need one too a lost my box when i moved, thats gotta be the most retarded thing ever now i can even play cuz i dont have a couple of numbers.

dam all i need is the beginning installation serial number i got all the rest but i don't have the very beginning one if any one can go ahead and give me that code send it to me by email.... please.... no worries i'm not doin this illegaly cause i bought the game.. it's just that i left it at home i took down the codes i need such as red alert yuri's revenge etc... but i forgot bout the beginning one...  

I also need it i have the first decade game but no renegade serial

if any one can e-mail me the code this will be helpfuli moved and lost my copy =[ im goin through withdrawals  

[email protected] anyone send 2 me or psot it here

I moved as well and am missing all the installation numbers. Can someone please send them to [email protected], Please?

can someone tell me what are the serial codes to install c&c renegade yuri's revenge tiberian sun nod/gdi & firestorm

LoL thats just insane, I am no fan of serial numbers myself and would probably have clicked cancel if I saw that screen come up! I bought an earlier compilation of the C&C games, they were all installed seperately which was much better as I like to play through games one by one anyway.

I lost my serial numbers/registration codes for the first decade. It was okay at first cause I already downloaded it on my comp and could still play. Then my little brother removed the game on accident. Now I can't reinstall it cause I don't know the game codes. Could anyone please send me them to me so I can still play my game and not have to by the game again just for the codes?Thanks

help i cant open up install window

Just downloaded Command and Conquer myself but it's pre-cracked. No need to bother with reg keys :D


i have the first decade and have moved a cpl times and cant find the book would someone PLEASE send me the codes i cant get it to do anything at all till i get the codes

I'm in the same position as everyone else seems to be. Got all the first codes saved in the computer but the main instalation code requested after each seperate code hasn't been saved on my hard drive. any help [email protected] Thanks in advance.

Could somone e mail me the all the keys for the game caue i moved and lost the manuel so i have no keys. im at [email protected] thank you. 

yah i need all the codes for the first decade i totaly lost the booklt thank that would be aWSOME


057882-016090-635696-8790 for renegade if you can get me codes for the first decade thanks

i want to have the instalation code of the first decade, zero hours plz becaus i lost the manuel

yah i need all the codes for the first decade zero hours ilost the booklt thank that would be good plz

Bah I lost my C&C Zero hour serial can someone please send me theirs if they rarely use it or dont use it all, would be greatly appreciated, Cheers - [email protected]

I thought I was then only guy in the world who lost a manual. I have C&C the first decade I need all the keys or as many as someone could give me. It would be a big help thanks  Jason

I lost my serial

Did anyone give you any help? if so can you assist me I also need codes. Thanks

i also need the codes as i want to play red alert 2 while im waiting to get payed so i can buy red alert 3

does anyone else have a problem with the crack i windows vista?red alert 2 & yuris revenge gives me a fatal error message, but generals & zero hour only hangs at the startup the original exe files seems to work, they give the message about inserting the disc even tried with a fixed image, got the same errors.

Ah, C&C Generals, how I miss you! Hope I can find the same box that you got.

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hey i need basiacally all the serial numbers! i bought the game at a local thrift store and the person that sold the game to them didnt put the serial numbers with the game. email me the serial numba's please! thanks [email protected]

does anyone have the installatoin codes for Command and conquer zero hour 

I need all the codes too for the first decade if anyone has em if you could email them to me that would be bad ass

I am in need of the first decade codes.

if you have rest of the codes for first decade i would appreciate that if could send me them

i need all the codes the main code and all the seperate game codes plzz help

heyy, everyone i ran into the same problem i lost the first install code but have all the other ones because i copied them all down but not the first one! then i lost the packet that their on and now i cant install it anymore! if anyone cud send it to me plz send it to [email protected] !!!!! thanx

I dont have the first screen code or the generals zero hour code..could someone PLEASE email it to me...ive been dyin to try this game out and havent been able to yet..please some one help...thanks

can anyone email me the serial codes for red alert 2 and yuris revenge

give me the all the serial codes for command and conquer the first decade plz i lost my box idk y

**Edit - please do not post serials***

Well maybe these will help some of ya...

If anyone has any rapidshares accounts email me @ [email protected]


I'll trade you the Zero Hour key if you give me The first decade Command and conquer CD key if we have a deal E-mail me soon and i'll send you the key on smae day you E-mail me i will send you the Zero Hour so lets trade with trust

Hey can anyone help me? I just got stationed in Germany and during my move I lost my box for C&C the decade and I need the serial numbers to download the game. If any has them plaese e-mail me. thanks.


hey can anyone help me with the activation code of this this game coz i kinda lost mine. so i can't install it now. of u can help plss send it

Thanks for all the codes they are 100% right and the game is now installing - I too lost the disk box and it is high time these manufacturers realise that no one is going to keep a bulky box for a serial number and that manuals also get lost.Mind you the worst offender is Microsoft with their very bulky cases - what about recyling ??Thanks again.

Hi all,



are you still looking for coeds for the first decade?? i have a full list if u want them?