Text Link Adverts from TNX

By Pete | @kingpetey | 19 Feb 2009

Advertising revenue has been sliding in recent months but has been offset by the weakening dollar. It might be time now to start working on a strategy for increasing advertising through the recession.

There are lots of ways to monetise your website including services such as Google Adsense, Text Link Ads, Linkworth and Pay Per Post. The one I want to look at today is TNX.

The service is simple to install with a small PHP script to embed into your sites template. From there everything is automated. A cost in TNX points is given per page based on page rank but you can still earn from pages without a page rank.

TNX is good for:

  • If you have a site with a lot of pages - such as a blog with posts, category pages, monthly archives and pages.
  • If you have a site with a good page rank or have page rank on internal pages.
  • If you do not want to worry about selling advertising, approving adverts or adding/removing adverts manually from your website.  

Payment can be made at any time to your PayPal account.


It seems like very new site because they have obly 0 PR but I'll be looking at it in more details and of course I'll signup from your referral link.

They have no page rank because google removed it - in Googles eyes selling text ads is ilegal as they can be used to cheat their page rank system. I've been penalised a number of times on ImAFish for selling text adverts.