I'm an endless tweaker, I can't stop changing stuff here on ImAFish. Today I've played around with the mybloglog widget, yesterday I changed the welcome message on the site and at the weekend I added in my feedburner stats and a bigger RSS feed icon.

Most of the time I think my tweaks are for the best, sometimes they go wrong such as moving the forum but I'm willing to admit when I make a mistake. Tweaking I feel is important in order to try out different elements on my blog, to see which keywords work well, which widgets help bring in visitors or which adverts make the most money without being intrusive.

It could be that I don't visit other blogs enough to notice changes but do other bloggers have a fascination with changing elemtents on their blog as much as me?


Im with you there Pete, I just cant stop tweaking or even full redesigns, there are so many wonderful designs out there (yours included!) With so many ways of doing it, how do we decide?!

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Yes, I am guilty of this, although I would spen more time doing it if I could ! LOLI do tend to find I end up tweaking rather than writing content but I think the root of that is that I am a techy and playing with technology is my hobby...

How are you guys liking the comment luv plugin?

Lol, I just kept on making ajustments to my blog also, until I accidently altered the wordpress code so much I could no longer accept comments. All good now though...

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