Ditherington Flax Mill

By Pete | @kingpetey | 20 Jun 2010

I live opposite the Ditherington Flaxmill in Shrewsbury - the oldest iron structure building in the world. It's fallen into disrepair over the past 20-30 years however we had the chance to look at the plans for redevelopment. At the same time I took some photos of the accessible areas:

The road facing side of the main building is covered in scaffolding.

The mill closed in the 1980's, it has been abandoned since.

The site has a very strange feel to it.

The architects behind the two phase redevelopment are applying for planning permission.

Shropshire Maltings.

There are various regeneration plans for the South Silo including turning it into a clean energy building with a Bio Mass boiler.

All windows have either been boarded up or smashed.

The out lying buildings are set to be turned into offices or apartments.

The delivery point for the south silo.

The internal structure is held up with scaffolding. Many of the architects plans deal with how to support the current structure with a modern steel frame.

Signs still exist from the Flaxmills long history.

The redevelopment plans have wide public support.

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