Payments for the Christmas period should now have been sent out - how well did you do? I was surprised how easy it was to make money without having to do anything! Did you know if you get your friends to sign up through EI42 and they each get their friends to join and purchase through EI42 you can make over £100/month!

Your store should look just like mine below (but with your username)

Now is the perfect time to start recruiting people - then let your friends do all the hard work while you watch their purchases make you cash back!

It's easy to promote your EI42 store:

  • Email the address to your friends.
  • Add it to your email signature.
  • Send it to your friends on Facebook or Myspace.
  • Add it as a shared link on social networking sites such as Facebook or
  • Add it to your forum signatures.
  • Send it to your contacts in Instant Messenger programs such as MSN and AIM.

Good luck and happy earning!


I didnt do to bad. Not as good as last year, but not bad overall.