By Pete | @kingpetey | 21 Jul 2009

Last weekend I took advantage of some £10 Ryanair flights to Italy where we visited Florence. Click any picture to enlarge.

Florence's striking skyline.

The Cathedral called "il Duomo".

Women had to cover their shoulders when entering the Cathedral.

Florence is full of amazing architecture.

Italians love their Churches

and artwork - every bare piece of concrete was covered in it.

The gold bridge (because its full of gold shops - its not actually made of gold!)

View from the gold bridge

Man on horse

Man on man

More amazing architecture.

You don't need to know Italian to understand the message in this sign.

The Police drive Alpha Romeos

touists use segways.

and the locals use bikes.


View of the Alps from the plane:

Full set of pictures on Flickr.


Awesome photos