It's been quiet here at ImAFish for the past week because we have been working on our new website!

The site features some of the best cars in the world and lets you review and score each one of them. We have found some stunning pictures, the top statistics and some mind blowing videos giving you a great overview of each car.

Check it out today and start reviewing cars!


Nice site, is it powered by Drupal? (I'm thinking of using Drupal for a new project)

Jon, yes I build the majority of my sites in Drupal (including ImAFish). Its by far the easiest way to get a website up and running quickly. I've not found a scenario yet where I cannot use Drupal for a website.

Hi Pete

Is the reason you use Drupal only because of the time scale or would you consider others? or is there no need to use others?


The main reasons I use Drupal are:

  1. Quick to develop in - you can easily add functionality by adding modules however as I've found out on ImAFish recently that adding a lot of modules can quickly impact the performance of a site.
  2. Easy for end users to learn and manage on a day to day basis. I normally give a 2 hour training session with sites I build and write a manual with screenshots in. This is usually enough for a competent user to add/edit and remove content. 

However Drupal doesn't do everything well, for instance if someone just wanted a blog I would set them up a copy of Wordpress or if they wanted a forum I would use PHPBB. I've had good success with Ecommerce in Drupal too however its not as simple as other packages.

Hope this helps.

Drupal is the best application in my life which I have found so far. I visited your car site and it is cool. I have seen very good blogs and sites in Drupal and your car site is one of those. I think you are going to do a lot with that.

Wow, nice site! I would be glad if I had such a website. The design is exciting (!) and the application are brilliant! I use some of these designs as GB pics but never had the idea to make a website like that. Really fantastic.

I like Drupal, but I find Wordpress easier to work with... probably because the only thing I use Wordpress for is blogging. If I needed a more powerful site, I'd likely opt for Drupal.

I think wordpress is definatley more mainstream and useful, plus its much more widely recognised