Amsterdam Photos

By Pete | @kingpetey | 22 Nov 2009

Here are some of my photos from Amsterdam.The full set can be found on Flickr.

The city centre is full of waterways.

The red light district in the day.

Buildings come right to the edge of the canals.

Amsterdam Central train station.

Cycling is very popular in Amsterdam - mainly because it is mostly flat.

Bikes were locked up everywhere there was space.

Amsterdam is famous for its red light district and its openness to sex.

This seedy looking alleyway was part of the tourist experience.


Shops in the red light district.

Club Cockring.

In the UK we have the lake district - in Amsterdam the cleverly cropped rape district.

I wasn't sure what type of massage this was.

Public transport was excellent.

Even the monuments are shaped in interesting ways.

Interesting architecture.

The full set can be found on Flickr.