ImAFish Now On Facebook

By Pete | @kingpetey | 24 Jul 2009

ImAFish now has a Facebook page!

I've been working for some time on how to get ImAFish on Facebook and make it even easier for our users to get the latest ImAFish content. For a while I've had my Facebook profile importing my ImAFish blog however it wasn't an ideal way to seperate my personal life from the awesome ImAFish content people have come to love.

A Facebook page gives the ideal scenario for yet another way to syndicate ImAFish's content. Along with recent content I'm intending on uploading some of ImAFish's older content such as photo galleries (I posted some of the conceptual ImAFish art yesterday and my best HDR photos).

In the first 24 hours we've had 40 'fans' to the ImAFish group helping inforce the huge following we have online and how essential people find ImAFish to their weekly reading.

If your a huge fan of ImAFish then please follow our group on Facebook.

Many thanks to those who have already followed.