Politically Correct Madness

By Pete | @kingpetey | 25 Jul 2009

This one is truly awesome, the PC crowd at The Gateway in Shrewsbury have decided that 'guide dogs' is clearly too offensive for some people (or the dogs?) and the more intelligent 'enabling dog' is better suited.

What next?

"No parking, enabled person drop off point only"

"The enabled ramp for enabled chariots."


 rofl sounds as bad as calling someone 'special'

The PC lobby is at it again!

Either that, or the sign simply acknowledges that people with disabilities - not just blind people - sometimes use assistance animals.

(It's the latter of those two possibilities, you muppet)

I didn't think a guide dog simply referenced to blind people....

there's no dodging - it's just PC nonsense

guide dogs are not just for blind people!!!

at least assistance animals sounds better than 'enabling dog'