With the changes Facebook have made over the last week its more important than ever to write targetted updates to reach your friends. The members home page is changing from its Twitter style display everything feed to a news feed that shows more relevant and popular posts.

A range of metrics are being used to determine popular posts including number of comments, number of 'likes' and how much you interact with a given member. Its almost Facebook trying to become more like Digg for your friends (you could become your own MrBabyMan). The idea hopefully is to get away from a news feed full of farmville updates and desperate crys for attention.

This does mean that when writing status updates for them to be noticed they need to be well constructed and targetted to your friends. Could this mean people post less status updates? It's unlikely however your more likely to see relevant posts.

The ImAFish Facebook page has been a huge success though it is more important than ever to add content that its fans will want to read.