Last April we looked at how you can use the website Quidco to make cash back on many of your on-line services and how to exploit free gambling offers. This second article looks at the website Rpoints (affiliate link) and how you exploit it in a similar way to Quidco.

Like Qudico, Rpoints offers a cash back mechanism for your purchases. An example being I want to buy a DVD, I find website under Rpoints with the highest cash back then I buy the DVD through this site. If the cash back is 2.5% on a £10 DVD I can expect to get 25p back. Multiply that by all the purchases you do over a year and it soon mounts up especially with a few big purchases like TV's, game consoles, computers, insurance or holidays.


With Rpoints as the name suggests you collect points, each point is worth 1p, so 100 points is £1 and 1000 points is £10. Points soon mount up and there are a number of daily free points that can be collected.

Rpoints offers 500points (£5) bonus just for signing up, claimable once you have made 2500 points. Rpoints also has a nice affiliate scheme so if you get your friends to sign up through your link to can get more 500 points bonuses. Rpoints doesn't take £5/year like Quidco does however the cash back amount is not always as good as Quidco so its important to weigh the two sites up before purchasing an item.

On the Qudico article we discussed how to make money through signing up with gambling offers, spending the bare minimum to make the most back in Cashback. We showed how it wasn't hard to make at least £200 and have a lot of fun in the process gambling. The process it very similar with Rpoints however they have nicely put together a page with all the gambling links and how many points they are worth.

Even if you have completed most of the gambling links through Quidco there may still be some on Rpoints that you havn't done. I recently signed up for the National Lottery gaining 200points for just buying a lottery ticket. Many of the gambling offers are a lot higher - upto 4000 points (£40) though its important to look at what the requirements of the offer are. Some of them are not specific and it is best to stick to the offers that state the exact requirements e.g. "Earn 1000 points when you deposit and play through at least £10".

In order to access the forum you need to be a member however membership is free plus you get a 500 points bonus for joining.

Post below any questions of your experiences with Rpoints.

Update 10/04/07: Rpoints will match any other cash back sites with their Highest Cashback Claim, so if you do happen to find a site that offers better cash back then you can claim the difference through Rpoints.


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