Tomorrow I start my new job in Shrewsbury so wish me luck. Really looking forward to it so should all be good! I'm still waiting for my exam results, they should have been released on Friday but there is a problem with one of the modules I am doing so anyone doing that module is yet to recieve results. Hopefully should have them early this week.

I have a new phone too, the MDA Vario on T-Mobile. I'm still on my quest for the perfect phone so hopefully this will be the one, will try to get a review up soon. My contract with Orange runs out shortly and whilst they have been good their range of phones to upgrade to didn't really excite me, hence the move. At least they were better than my previous contract with BT Mobile who even after constant phone calls could never get my answerphone to work even after a year.

My iMac seems to have broke so will need to go in for repair this week, fortunately its still under warranty so it wont cost me anything to fix. It will mean work to ImAFish and Switchweb will be slow for the next couple of weeks but I can do most administration from my laptop.

If you havn't read the forum recently there has been some interesting discussion on a new anti rape device that has brought out some interesting opinions and some strong views. Also there is a good discussion on the change in the lineup on Radio 1.


I've had a T-Mobile MDA Vario since mid-march, it's a great little baby, especially with the "Webnwalk" add-on... :)