First Class Honors Degree!

By Pete | @kingpetey | 08 Jul 2006

I got my exam results back yesterday and I got a First in Computer Science BSc!! I'm really pleased with the result and its great after 3 years of hard work. Congratulations to everyone who also got their marks, hope they were what you wanted.

My Mac has been fixed, it had a faulty power supply fortunately it was under warranty. I am away next week working on a CSI Summer School in Coventry so wont be online. My first week at work has gone well, it has shown me how much I didn't know but I have learnt lots this week about Server 2003 and Exchange.


Congratulations, I got a first in an I.T. related subject a few months back and now have a job Im really happy with.

I posted the tips and tricks I used on my degree on a blog, not sure if you took a similar approach or are just gifted!!