Quidco Shoutback

By Pete | @kingpetey | 10 Nov 2006

Our article on Quidco has been one of the most popular on ImAFish getting tens of thousands of hits since being published back in April. A month ago we got featured on the Quidco site in a shout out!

Beletor even got a mention so it looks like our spoof cult is starting to make its way round the net. Society may have accepted the flying spaghetti monster as the creator and sole god however scientists may now start looking into the reality of the world actually being created through hunger and its leader Beletor.

The Quidco blog post has some interesting comments and I especially like the idea of an affiliate scheme (I could have been rich by now if there was one already!). I've still been using Quidco a fair amount and intend to get cash back on the majority of my Christmas shopping (it's ashame Amazon isn't on there).

Our article has attracted a few negative comments about a so called "Quidco fraud" however I or any of my friends have never had any issues and the majority of people online seem happy to get money off their products. Besides its not like Quidco is costing you extra by buying through there.

On a final note it would be very cool if there was a Firefox extension for Quidco that would automatically tell you if a site was in Quidco and how much cash back it could earn you. Any developers out there?


Good article, i use them and cashbackbay.