Forum Spam

By Pete | @kingpetey | 26 Nov 2006

Spam has got out of control on the forum so I have closed registration. Over the past two months there have been a steady number of bots signing up to the forum and posting spam. At first these posts were quick to delete and not too frequent however recently the number of these posts per day has increased to a level where there is a constant flow of spam to delete. The number of new registrants we have is relatively low and this is the only option to completely stop spam. It does mean that if anyone legitimate wants to join the forum they need to have their account activated by an administrator. To have your forum account enabled please contact me through ImAFish stating your username. There is no need to state a reason as if you have managed to sign up and contact me its not very likely you will be a bot.


Hey! I registered on this forum this week.

Sorry for being so lazy, but I wanted to ask if anyone could show me any especially good threads that I should check out first, so I can get up to speed here?

Thanks, Michael

Yes, mgladstonez i can certainly suggest you a Spam-Filtering, Comment Spam, Anti-Spam, Forum Spam, Anti-Spam Solutions Website where you can check out some of the articles which will help you may be more than the threads because the threads do contain lots of spammer's responses as well as useless replies.

And about the Forum Spam i must say that this certainly is a point of concern because it is getting more and more popular among the spammers and they are increasing their revenues by using it.

you should check that out for your email form mate :). I will be implementing it shortly, it is in a good cause!