Welcome to my latest blog series on investions! This series of posts will focus on the useless and strange inventions I think up. The first today is the Tie Freshener.

I wear a tie for work most days and am constantly spraying myself with after shave when going to see clients. It got me thinking of how I could smell nice all day.




All ties have a little opening at the bottom that serve no real purpose. The Tie Freshener would be like a normal air freshener but would smell of your favourite aftershave (though if you wanted to smell of forest green that could also be available). It would clip on to the bottom of your tie and the smell would last for say a week.



You could make your own Tie Freshener with a car freshener shoved up the end of your tie.


or alternatively you could just wear a magic tree freshener instead of a tie, would also give a nice christmas theme

hahahaha that would be funny