I've been writing this for the past three months but with the launch of the iPhone in America later today it seems a good time to finish it. It's a sad fact that I can't live without a phone, its become like an item of clothing that I wouldn't dare leave the house without. I've had a phone for almost 10 years now ever since I got my orange brick - the Bosche 509e, since then I've had a range of phones and contracts but none of them have been perfect.

When I first went to university I thought it was time to grow up and leave my PAYG phone behind, I got a nice new Sony Ericsson k700i after seeing the advert in the Cinema the day before. It was one of the first generation phones to have a camera though unless the subject was well lit, not moving and reasonably close the picture quality was poor. Compared to my previous phone it was great and until the various parts on it started to break I was happy.

My next phone was a Nokia 6230i, feature wise it wasn't a huge upgrade but after the poor build quality of the Sony Ericsson I wanted a change. Compared to the k700i the 6230i had a different way of doing things, the menu structures were different, none of the options were where you expected and the camera equally sucked.

I had to wait another year before plunging into an 18month contract with T-Mobile for a MDA Vario. The Vario was a new league for me, it was a smart phone that looked sexy and had loads of functions. It had a full keyboard that would slide out under its huge screen. It was slightly bigger than my previous phones but still sat snugly in my pocket. Aesthetically it was perfect and that was the main reason I brought it.

Unfortunately in the shop I didn't spend enough time playing with the software on the phone, it was running Windows Mobile so had a huge number of features however everything run incredibly slow. Just when doing simple operations it would lag like opening a text message would take 5-10 seconds or when dialing a phone number you had to wait after hitting every button. In the end this made the phone so frustrating to use that I got my 6230i unlocked and I have been using that ever since. The Vario just sits in my car for my Sat Nav (I brought a cheap GPS receiver).

If the iPhone is to succeed it not only needs to look great but the software has to have a lot of functionality and be responsive otherwise people will just get frustrated. The iPhone has caused some of the most hype ever over the past few months, I was reading this morning that 1.5% of all Blogs have mentioned it in some way. Lets hope that all the hype is worth it and when we get the iPhone over here in the UK it will be worth buying!


So now you're in the 1.5% ? ;)