Get Robina on Castaway

By Pete | @kingpetey | 16 Apr 2007

Castaway is the BBC reality show where fourteen people were put on a remote island near New Zealand and expected to live off the land for three months.

It's now almost six weeks into their ordeal and it is us, the small but dedicated viewing public have the chance to change the future of the island and help write history. There are four lucky individuals fighting for the chance to fly out on the 23rd of April to join the castaways.

One of our most active forum members, Robina (Beanie as she likes to be known) is one of the final four and she needs your vote to get her on the island! You can find out more about her, watch her video interview and cast your vote on the BBC website.

If you were watching BBC 3 last night you will have seen Robina win the castaway quiz and you may even have seen me in the audience.

More pictures coming soon!

Update: Robina was featured in the Shropshire Star last night.

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