Watch what you post!

By Pete | @kingpetey | 30 Jan 2003

I hate to sound stupid but watch what you post especially on your columns. Personally stuff isn't too bad as long as you dont mind anyone coming to the site and reading your personel details.

You may know a lot of the visitors to your column however it is public so there is nothing to stop anyone reading it.

Try to be careful when posting about how you smoke pot every day or take part in any ilegal activity (which i hope you dont)it can be interesting but any old cop or parent could come onto the site and could read a column post about how you smoke pot all day long. This really wont do you any favours.

ImAFish will not be responsible for any trouble you may get into because of anything that has been posted on ImAFish, and believe me there are cops watching a fair few of us online :P (ask ga and leon).

Needless to say ImAFish does not mind you posting what ever you like within reason, be it fiction or the truth however remember you are responsible for that content.

If you feel that someone has posting somthing unfair about you or that you want one of your posts removed from the site let me know and it will be sorted out.