Me on TV

By Pete | @kingpetey | 17 Apr 2007

Sunday evening I was in the audience of Castaway helping to support Robina on her quest to get on the show.

It was quite an interesting experience and my first appearance on TV. (My only other real fame was being on the front cover of Micromart. ) We arrived in London at about 2:30pm, the studios were in Camden town, we didn't have to be there till 6 so have time to look around the Camden Market. This was rather surreal and not like any other market I had visited.

Once at the studio we watched the bbc 1 episode of castaway so that we knew what the exposed show was going to cover. Roughly 30mins before the show started we made our way into the studio where there was a quick rehersal and the show went out live.

The 25 minute show seemed to go very quick and it wasn't long before we were back on the motorway to get home.

Here are some of the pictures of us on TV.


We were all very interested in what Richard Bacon had to say.


I wish i was as cool as Ewen Macintosh.


An over view of the entire studio.


Robina playing the little quiz.

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