Long time no column

By Pete | @kingpetey | 03 Mar 2003

It seems some of the columns are a bit dead on ImAFish, which is a bit of a shame because that doesn't reflect the rest of the site.

But I suppose everyone is off "blogging" and not "columming" (new word for ya). Either way PEOPLE NEED TO GET POSTING!!!

As for me - i'm 18 next thursday so direct cards and money to [email protected] next week pls :D:D I hope to go out for a meal with my chums, I just need to finalise a few things.

I hope to get the LAN pics up very shortly once Max Spielman get them right which they seem to have a problem with atm, next time i will have to use click.

I will get another pic of me up on pwhite.imafish.com which is my little site :D:D.