So I was browsing last night when I came across this post about the 69 best tech blogs, it has all the big commercial players including Gizmondo (1) Tech Crunch (3) and TUAW (31). I'm scrolling down the list seeing how many I recognise when I come across number 26 - I'm A Fish!

I was more than a little surprised though it's great to see another site recognising us in such a list. In an updated post today the site explains how he came up with the list and the time and effort that went into it. The list is in no particular order though still is good to be in the middle!

Kudos to Micahville!


and i just found out about your site from that dugg page! :)
and it looks like it's been going on for a while...

i wanted to mail in a tip... something you may be interested in, but couldn't find a contact page.

(i won't post it here, it's totally irrelevant...)
Anyway, Congrats, 26 ain't bad.

not that that page has any authority, but it got dugg so what the hell...

Thanks, I've been blogging since about 2001 with ImAFish now.

My contact page is: