I've been using Safari since I got a Mac, it's a nice browser and looks great within OS X. At work and on my laptop I use Firefox and now I've decided to ditch Safari for Firefox. The following reasons finally pulled me towards Firefox:

  • Extensions - At work I love the Web development extensions, they make debugging so much easier and me so much more productive. On my laptop I love Stumble Upon, being able to sit there and just click one button to find an interesting web page is so effortless. Between work and home I have Google Browser Sync, this handy extension keeps all of my bookmarks, preferences and tabs synced.
  • Speed - While Safari renders web pages very quickly there are some pages it struggles with. I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem but when browsing Digg.com the browser becomes unresponsive for 20-30 seconds while it loads a page (the more comments on a page the worse it is). Firefox doesn't have this problem and just loads the page as it would any other.
  • Javascript - I write in Wordpress a lot for my blog and in Safari the Javascript formatting buttons do not work. I'm not sure if this is the browsers fault or Wordpress but it is annoying. Last time I checked the GMail contact chat did not work either in Safari.
  • Search - This has been fixed in the Safari 3 beta but it bugs me how the search opens a small box rather than being integrated into the browser. This means when I search I have to click on the box to give it focus.


After using Firefox for the past three years i doubt that i would want to try anything else.