My Transformers Costume

By Pete | @kingpetey | 04 Aug 2007

Knowing what to wear for a fancy dress party is always a pain, I normally try to keep to something topical. With the recent Transformers film out it was the perfect opportunity to come as Optimus Prime!

I recently came across this video which gave me the initial concept for my Transformer. The idea is that I could be both the robot and the truck of Optimus Prime.

Here is a video of how the costume worked.

It's basically made from one cardboard box split open apart from one hinge. I've then attached it to my back with a belt and added two other boxes to support it on my shoulders - this way its high enough above my head to close and the weight is evenly distributed.

I've then attached another bit of card to the shoulder boxes so that I can freely move up and down (if I had strapped it to my chest I wouldn't be able to bend and you would be able to see my feet.) The slots in the bottom of the card are so I can move my legs while crouching.

It looked the following while crouching:

Optimus Prime Outfit

Half way up:

And standing up:

Benjie had come as a giant Tetris piece - it made a handy drinks holder.

Here is a better picture of the side of the truck.

And again:

Who would ever have thought this was not a real truck...

Group photo - hint: I'm in the middle.

The giant wings proved difficult for getting through doors.

A full set of pictures of the evening can be found on my Flickr account.

Much love to Beanie and Nej for hosting the party.


was an inspired fancy dress idea!!

Quite gutted I missed this. I hope you made the transformer noise every time you transformed!

Wat a quality costume, manufactured to the highest of standards. bravo

Looked awesome mate, suprised it survived the whole night (or at least until Nick a.k.a Megatron collapsed on to it!)


Quality! Now thats what I call British thinking! Kudos to Benjie on the giant Tetris piece.


im giving this a shot myself, how do you make the straps so that it slids up and down without fallin apart? do you just hold them at the bottom?

this idea is legendary!!!

Nick - The weight of the box should make it so it doesn't keep sliding up and down though it depends on the box. I used a belt cut through the back of the box to hold it to my chest - the friction from this should also help keep it open.

Unfortunately its quite hard to describe how to make it but hopefully the video and pictures help. Email me some pics of your creation - would love to get them on imafish - contact me through and I will send you an address to email stuff too - look forward to seeing what you do!

are the smaller boxes atached to the main top box or to the belts on your shoulders? cant quite see how it works from the vid, doin my head in haha

the smaller boxes are attacked to the back plate - they are free from the top section yes.

That is an abomination, transformers inc. should sue you for bringing their product into disrepute

lol lighten up diablo