By Pete | @kingpetey | 14 Mar 2003

As many of you will know March 13th was my 18th birthday! I can finally drink legally and don't have to worry about not getting served or getting into clubs and bars.

The day started well with my family sticking balloons all around the house and getting some great presents! March 13th this year was not only my birthday but also the day that we get our exam results back from any exams we had done just after Christmas.

The first result I got was from a business retake and I got an A! Which was a great improvement from my low C before. However the rest of my results weren't too good. Computing being the worst where I didn't even get a grade. This then leads me onto how bad my college is for computing, the average grade for the year on module 4 was a E. Some lucky people managed to get A's and B's but the majority of people got U's(ungradeable).

However the college is still sure that its our fault that we don't put enough effort in and it doesn't seem to want to make any changes for our year even though most people will probably fail. But it doesn't stop here! For the last 2 years the college has owned licenses for Microsoft visual studio which is what a lot of us are using for our coursework. However the college only installed visual studio at Christmas (after many people had started their coursework) and because we had been taught VBA in word in a text book with pascal examples in many people did not have a clue about programming.

Visual studio is still not on many of the computers in the class room and is not installed on any of the public computers meaning that we either have to work on our projects in lesson time or buy a copy of visual studio. The problem here is that college still uses VB6 which is not compatible with VB.net which is Microsoft's latest version of their product.

In the colleges defense the year below mine now learns pascal in there first year and will be using Delphi next year which makes a lot more sense but doesn't help my failing year at all.

Anyway back to my birthday! In the evening we had booked for a meal at Jenkos which is a Mongolian restaurant where you can eat as much as you want for a set price. We had a very good meal here and I would recommend it to anyone. A couple of my friends got me a talking timmy from south park and he rools! After the meal we went across the road to Bar Med, where I happily got asked for ID :D.

We had a couple of drinks there then moved onto Flares ( a nightclub which plays 70s music). This wasn't my idea but as it was next to Bar Med it was the least effort (and free to get in before 10). Flares was ok but nothing special, once they started to play "I've got a brand new combine harvester" I knew it was time to leave and probably never return. There is only so much "crap" music I can take and that pretty much drew the line!

Overall it was a good night out and even though the music in Flares may have been lame the atmosphere was slightly better and along with not being sober the night was quite good. Tonight (the day after my birthday) I'm going for a meal with my parents and tomorrow hopefully we will go to a slightly more modern club.

I have taken lots of photos and they will be soon posted on my little site.


Hi Pete,
Thank You for your comments. I have published them on our comments page. Please advise if this is not ok. Have put a link to your site also.

Good Man! Will buy you a pint when you visit again!.

Kind Regards,
Mark - The Compasses - Jenko's Mongolian Barbecue