By Pete | @kingpetey | 16 Sep 2007

The theme for Nej's Birthday this year was Wrestling, I've never been a big fan but didn't want to turn down the opportunity to dress as a Sumo.

Sumo Pete

( Much love to Serena for the picture - I didn't want to smile, wasn't sure if Sumo's actually smile).

As you can see the realism of this costume is simply amazing, if you hadn't noticed everything below my head is fake. The suit is fan powered and is constantly filling up the inside with air (think how a bouncy castle works).

Walking around Shrewsbury town was an interesting experience and if you suffer from low confidence or self esteem then I would highly recommend drinking plenty first. I spent the night sober after drinking far too much on Friday night in Liverpool.

It was interesting all the attention the costume got, most people found the it funny and we turned heads in a number of restaurants we walked past, I guess this is how Tom Cruise must feel.

Pete Sumo 2

Here my costume is fully inflated. Much love to Nick for being my tag team partner. I was expecting more trouble from the costumer however even in a club most people just laughed.

The costumers came as a pair off Ebay for about