OS X Leopard

By Pete | @kingpetey | 30 Oct 2007

My iMac has been in repair for the past week and has been given a clean bill of health ready for me to sell it. On Friday OS X 10.5 Leopard was released after two and a half years since Tiger arrived. I brought my last iMac shortly after the release of Tiger so it seems fitting that I finally upgrade to an Intel Mac. The Ars Technica review of Leopard is the most in depth I've read and highlights a lot of interesting areas with the new OS. If you want to know many of the under lying technical changes to OS X as well as the more graphic changes then its well worth a read.

There are a lot of new features in Leopard but a few stand out with Time Machine looking to be one of the best. I currently use Super Duper for my daily backup but it only takes a snapshot of my drive rather than backing up file changes. Spaces are also a welcome improvement and after using multiple desktops on Ubuntu I can imagine they will just as useful in OS X. The updated look in Leopard also looks exciting though I wont be convinced about the space theme until using it for a bit. I hope to have a new iMac within the coming weeks and if I can find anything that hasn't already been covered elsewhere on-line I will post it on here!


I am sure I will like Leopard on my iMac a lot more once the bloody thing stops freezing ! To be fair on my MacBook Leopard has been solid so far, just the new Aluminium iMac causing me problems. The annoying thing is that the frequency of freezes seems to be directly proportional to the urgency of need to do some work. Last night when trying to connect to work urgently the sodding thing froze no less than 4 times in rapid succession !

Ps. Like the site and glad to see another Mac fan in Shropshire.



Where abouts in Shropshire you based? Glad to see other local bloggers! I've been using Leopard for a couple of weeks now and not had any freezing problems so far. I'm putting together a review that I will hopefully have done soon.

Thanks for posting.

I live in Muxton. There is ( was ) another Mac Blog in Shropshire ( http://www.ukmac.co.uk ), I know spooky coincidence with the site name ! .

It is about to stop operating though as the guy who runs it ( James ) has just got a job at the Apple store in Birmingham and as such had to sign an NDA which bars him from running blogs about Apple...

I know Muxton, nice area! It's a bitch about those NDA's, I've got a mate whos just started in the Regent Street store who had to sign a load.

I've subscribed to your feed in Google Reader and will try to post comments when I can.