Todays site updates

By Pete | @kingpetey | 01 Jun 2002

I have been hard at work on the site today and there have been many small updates and some larger updates. The main has been in this columns section which for anyone interested has a simple sql database backbone for each columner. The contents of each column is then displayed on each page.
The other big update today has been on the front page (index2.php) the categories section has been added on the left hand side to fill a bit of space and to help ease navigation on the site. Also the page stats bit has been added to show how many hits the page has had and who is online at that current time.

I have fixed the recent forum topics section which hasn't been updated since we started using phpBB2, this now only displays the most recent 15 topics instead of all topics posted within the last 24 hours. That was ok when the forum was inactive but with sometimes over 50 topics being posted on every day the front page could get very large and slow to load.
Another update has been on the history page (located here) which seems to have been neglected since december. Anyway its upto date now with all the latest site information. Anyway until next time - pwhite