I sold my first item last night through Facebook Marketplace, my iMac G5. I would have most likely listed it on Ebay if Adam hadn't suggested listing it on Facebook first. The market place itself is a lot simpler than Ebay and has no security or buyer/seller protection but it is free.

Recently I've become more frustrated with high Ebay fees, in general 10% of the total cost of the item goes to Ebay in some way through listing fees, final value fees and PayPal fees. This would be close to


This is interesting Pete. Did you get what you would have hoped to get on eBay ?

What are you aiming to get now then ? The new iMacs are nice and if the recent firmware update does the business and fixes the freezing problem that some of us have experienced they will be even better !

Well I was ambitiously looking for

I recently upgraded from a 20" Intel iMac (white one) to a shiny new 2.4Ghz aluminium 24 incher ! So nice.

Yes I was getting the freezing problem, not very often but annoying all the same. I have upgraded to 10.5.1 and installed the new graphics firmware and so far ( fingers crossed ) no freezes !