By Pete | @kingpetey | 27 Nov 2003

Its my first proper column update in about 6 months and a lot of changed since then! I'm now at uni in Coventry studying computer science. I live (next door to Benjie) about 5mins walk from the closest edge of the uni which luckily is situated in the middle of Coventry. Sainsbury's is about 10mins walk and Greggs (where I work) about 15.

The course has got off to a slow but good start. Computer Science is modular so my time is split up between 6 different modules, ranging from web design to programming to maths to e-commerce to psychology (it seems, its really information systems development). The best atm is either e-commerce or new tech and HCI (Webdesign) it varies from week to week.

The halls are nice, were built within the last 5 years and are grouped into blocks of 6, there are 3 English people (including Benjie) a Chinese girl an Italian man and an French lad. We all get on well and the range of foods we have cooking in our kitchen is great. A big bonus is the free broadband net connection we have, we haven't quite worked it out but Benjie has his suspicions its a duel T1 connection, as we can get good download speeds and its shared between a couple of hundred people. Its pretty stable most of the time but there are the occassional downtimes.

Filesharing it blocked however that doesn't stop us from getting the recent TV eps, music and films. Most importantly however I can still maintain the ImAFish site and stream at nice speeds. The area we are in is a bit dodgy, we see hookers outside our windows occassionally and we have heard bad story's about what goes on in the "ghetto" (thats hillfields btw). The rest of coventry isn't bad, with being right in the city centre most things are within a walking distance, including a big computer shop (eclipse), a multiplex cinema, all the shops we could need and most importantly all the pubs and clubs.

Night life is good here, monday nights we are normally in the SU (student union) as all drinks are