By Pete | @kingpetey | 25 May 2004

Exams have started now for me, had my first one yesterday and it went ok, my one today on the other hand was a complete disaster :-(. Everything went wrong from not being able to work out some binary stuff to forgetting 1 bit memory location diagram. Oh well I can resit in september if I failed.

Its been a tough term and I havn't felt my best for most of it and with Summer (and going back to Shrewsbury) dawning it doesn't look like things are set to improve.

ImAFish is a bit stagnant at the momment and the forum isn't doing much better. Switchweb on the other hand is a hive of business and Chris and myself are currently working on an updated theme as well as some long due updates. Our account is almost full and we will be looking to upgrade shortly, which hopefully will coinside with the new look site.

ImAFish is celebrating its third birthday in a few days time so well done there for everyone putting in the effort.

I want to give a final shout out to Jonnie and to congratulate him for getting back with his girl friend after a few months break, all the best there.