Exams Over

By Pete | @kingpetey | 10 Jun 2004

My exams have now finished as of yesterday! Which means my first year of University is now over. Went out last night for one last big piss up before going home this saturday.

Was a good night, lots of dancing, meeting new people and drinking. It seems a bit sad leaving everyone at uni for the summer but looking forward to next year living with Ben, Luke, Chris, Wayne and 1 random person!

Going to spend the rest of today and tomorrow packing all my stuff (to which there is a lot)!

Hopefully next week I will get some time to work on the switchweb site. After reading [url]http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3793825.stm[/url] today it looks like we are in a good market and hopefully a new design and a bit more marketing will increase our profitability even more.

I have been using SuSE Linux 9.1 over the past couple of weeks, most of it seems good though I'm having problems with media players atm. Will be sticking with Winblows for a bit longer. I tried out the MS Longhorn beta last week which is still pretty poor.

Anyway until next time - Laterz