Back from uni!

By Pete | @kingpetey | 18 Jun 2004

My last article on ImAFish covered legit music download sites in the UK. This week Apple's iTunes store launched so I decided to take a look. The program is basically a download extension to Quicktime with a couple of nice ways to order and store your music.

Tracks come more pricey than their American equivalents - they get songs for $99 (55p) while we have to pay 79p however this is better than OD2's and Napster's 99p price tag.

I thought iTunes had some nice content but was still lacking much of the stuff I was interested in. However there is a radio section which does include a link to digitally imported radio.

Hopefully I will do a follow up article in the coming weeks as its quite a popular subject.

I carried on working on the Switchweb site today and gave the shopping cart a big well needed overhaul. Hopefully I will get the rest of the site done over the next week or so and add some of the features I have planned, thats as long as I don't forget them!

I'm home from university now which is a bit of a shocker as I didn't quite realize how much stuff I have. Most still lies on my bedroom floor waiting for a home over the summer.

Just if your interested this column entry comes from my new PC in my room - yes I'm currently sitting in bed updating my column - how sad!

I keep reading how writing web-logs such as this have changed peoples lives, while I'm uncertain as to whether my "blog" is life changing for anyone else or myself it hopefully will be something to look back on in years to come!

Until next time the comfort of my bed is calling for sleep - night.