An Update from me

By Pete | @kingpetey | 17 Nov 2004

Its been a while since my last entry and a lot has changed. First I have a lovely new girl friend - Laura and i'm now back at University in Coventry. Sorry for the lack of entertaining updates but I havn't got round to it - lack of motivation.

Laura has been coming to see me every weekend (or I have been going home) which has been good though its annoying working saturdays and the occassional sunday. We havn't been going out as much this year as last mainly because noone has any money however from the money I saved going out I did get a nice new computer :D (well that and selling the old one).

This year seems completely different from last year, I kind of expected a lot more work from the start however things got going really slowly. Its most likely because we should be doing more self learning however the majority of things I do on my computer anyway (webdesign etc) prolly all counts in some way - well I like to think it does ;).

I will admit that I was pretty bored the first 3-4 weeks at uni, whether it was from lack of sleep or just cause I wasn't going out as much I dunno, however after spending a bit of money and keeping myself a bit more busy things are a lot better!

Work will be picking up in the next couple of weeks because of coursework and a couple of tests nearer the end of term. Its only about 5 weeks till xmas which gives me 4 weeks to decided what to get people - well thats the excuse to send emails, a lot less effort.

Things are pretty stagnant with ImAFish, I have been working on some concept art for a possible update to ImAFish but I'm not giving anything away yet. The forum has been picking up in activity recently since people have gone back to Uni which is good, the summer is usually a slow time for posting.

I brought Half Life 2 yesterday and have been playing it pretty much none stop, I intend to put some screenshots on ImAFish petty soon. The game is brilliant, it has the same feel for the first game but the graphics and physics in the game are a massive update. The gravity gun is especially impressive allowing you to launch objects in the game at enmies.

I got SuSE 9.2 last week, I'm working on a review but with Half Life 2 I have been spending more time in Windows than Linux.

Last weekend was pretty interesting cause Laura got quite drunk! I better not put anymore or she wont be best pleased. I'm going out tonight and am meeting up with my Italian friend I lived with last year so should be a good night.

Until next time.