End of term

By Pete | @kingpetey | 18 Mar 2005

Its coming to the end of a busy period with loads of coursework being handed in over the past couple of weeks. Last Sunday was my 20th birthday and we had a big night out Wed that was a really good night out. Was pretty wasted but still got loads of cool photos.

Tomorrow is my last shift (ever) at Greggs! I have been there for over 3 years but cant really face it anymore and fancy a change. Its not been too bad there but experience in selling sandwiches, cakes and pasties can only take you so far.

Next week is the last week of term, in-fact a lot of people are going home this week. Not got a lot to do over Easter work wise but exams start a couple of weeks after we come back. I failed the Cisco semester 2 this week (passed the skills test) which was slightly annoying and means more revision for after easter.

We got a house sorted for next year a couple of weeks back. It's a nice size house with 4 large bedrooms. Going to be living with Ben, Chris and Rob (who I live with this year). It will be good cause we will have a living room however the kitchen is quite small. It's the same distance from the Uni as our current accommodation so wont have to get up too early before lectures.

I also brought a Mac Mini this term (for which there is a review on ImAFish). Its an awesome machine and I use it most of the time. Got myself a nice iPod Shuffle as well for all my tunes.

My music tastes have changed somewhat since Christmas, as well as the usual Trance I have been listening to the Stereophonics, Snow Patrol and the Killers. I'm going off the majority of Hip-Hop etc not that I listened to that much before anyway.

Switchweb has been going well but ImAFish is in some serious need of work. I have some plans to combine ImAFish with my blog somewhat but until I work out the details and have the motivation to do any work I cant see a lot happening.