New ImAFish!!!

By Pete | @kingpetey | 12 May 2005

Well after a long time of thinking and more thinking, I have finally finished off ImAFish 8. Its been 20months since we have had a new ImAFish version (2 years since i started writing ImAFish 7). It seems such a long time and ImAFish is 4 years old this month too!

Hopefully ImAFish is a lot more personal to me now such as the integration of my mini site, the forum and the new gallery all onto the front page of ImAFish.

I will admit I have been slow writing articles in the past year so its nice to have some fresh content up. The new site is a lot more simple than past as there are no longer any user accounts.

This forum thread pretty much sums it all up. [url][/url].