The story of ImAFish #1

By Pete | @kingpetey | 06 Jul 2002

The story of ImAFish!

I have decided to let out my cool story for everyone else to read! Feel privilidged :D

It all started when i was born in shrewsbury hospital - little did i know that i had been born with a special power, that of being cool. However i did not learn this over night, it took years of dedicated chilling out to master my coolness. One of the first signs of my coolness was pointed out by a friend when i was telling him about not having a belly button. He suggested that it could be because of a special mystical power - in my case coolness.

My childhood was a reasonably quiet time in that of my skills of coolness, but they were essential to building up my cool techniques for later life. I was teased for not having a belly button and many people laughed when i told them i was stuck in a conicle flask before birth :(

Throughout secondary education my cool powers did not come to life, this is for many reasons but mainly as they were clouded by un-cool people who were scared of my mystical force. In my later years of secondary school my fasination with computers increased and i found an interesting technology -- the internet. Here you could find new friends who no nothing about you, and in most cases dont care but have 1 thing in common, have a passion for somthing computer related, whether it was webdeign, linux or just entertainment. This led to the start of experimentation with webdesign, a lot of the early sites were very bad i will admit, however by the time ImAFish 1 was started our skills had nicely developed and we were ready to produce a good chillout site.

Anyway here my coolness skills developed, this slowly led into college where my cool hay day began and also ImAFish started to become increasingly popular..

to be continued!!!