Exam Results

By Pete | @kingpetey | 28 Jun 2005

A break down of my exam results for anyone who understands.

In a nutshell I did well :D

215IS Professional Skills and Group Project
Coursework (Cw) 91
Module Mark (Mm) 91
Grade (Gd) Pass

217IS Database System Concepts
Coursework (Cw) 70.30
Exam (Ex) 66
Module Mark (Mm) 68.15
Grade (Gd) Pass

225CS User Interface Design
Coursework (Cw) 67
Module Mark (Mm) 67
Grade (Gd) Pass

232IS Multimedia Systems
Coursework (Cw) 73
Exam (Ex) 72
Module Mark (Mm) 72.50
Grade (Gd) Pass

241CS Computability Resit?
Coursework (Cw) 71.70
Exam (Ex) 51
Module Mark (Mm) 61.35
Grade (Gd) Pass

245CS Computer Communications
Coursework (Cw) 65
Exam (Ex) 59
Module Mark (Mm) 62
Grade (Gd) Pass

262CS Commercial Programming
Coursework (Cw) 79
Module Mark (Mm) 79
Grade (Gd) Pass

268IS Information Systems Engineering
Coursework (Cw) 55
Exam (Ex) 45
Module Mark (Mm) 48
Grade (Gd) Pass