Updated ImAFish History

By Pete | @kingpetey | 01 Sep 2005

Heres a brief history of ImAFish mixed with loads of development images and screenshots.

ImAFish 1

ImAFish.com is the brainchild of Pete White (pwhite) and Ben Powell (Benjie) in April 2001 when they were working on their GCSE exams. Along with James Vardill (Yammez) they created the site ImAFish.com.

Here you can see the overall layout for the original ImAFish.

ImAFish 2

The site was an instant success with its wide range of topics covered including gaming, downloads and a forum, though the site had a hard time staying online because of different hosting problems on Geocities Then in September 2001 Version 2 was launched on their new hosting on f2s.com with the new help from Ben Shenton and Matthew Shannon.

ImAFish 3

In November 2001 version 3 was launched, it had two major revisions through its short stay. Yammez sadly decided to move on from the site because of lack of time commitments.

Below is the second revision of ImAFish 3.

Here is an advert we designed for the stie at the time.

I don't have an overall picture for ImAFish 3 though here is a picture of some of the navigation.

Christmas came and so did news that f2s was closing its free hosting section so the move was made to purchase some professional hosting.

ImAFish 4

ImAFish 4 was the sites biggest success so far attracting many new visitors and starting to build up an active forum and IRC community. The site celebrated its 1 year birthday in April 2002 with a number of activities on the forum such as the awards and Big Brother. The following months brought further success to the site with the Articles and Columns sections and throughout June and July the sites traffic significantly increased.

One of the most popular areas found was to be the IRC bot called Xbot many of these hits were coming from sites such as Google. Xbot was an IRC bot for trivia games and channel management, unfortunatly the author lost interest however xbot is still available somewhere on ImAFish.

Below is the ImAFish 4 logo.

Here we have a special birthday logo.

Below is the entrance pic used for ImAFish 4.

Here is an overall layout shot of ImAFish 4. This site took us through our first birthday in April.

ImAFish 5

In August 2002 it was decided to start work on designing ImAFish 5 with the aim of delivering dynamic content to the users fast and effectively in a way that is simple and easy to understand. The site also wanted to attract more writers and to keep the current visitors coming back to the site to read the articles and take part in other activities.

By early September 2002 ImAFish 5 was online and looking good. Articles continued to be added as often as possible and the columns section was creating a large number of opinions about everyday life. The success of the site slowly increased throughout the autumn and into the winter.

Here are some of the different logo designs for ImAFish 5.

This was the final logo decided on for the ImAFish 5.

Here is an overall shot of ImAFish 5.

In this time ImAFish sold its first batch of merchandise including T-Shirts, Polo Shirts and Mousemats.

ImAFish 6

By christmas we had ImAFish 6 thanks to a lot of work from Simon Robinson.

Here are some designs.

Here is an overall picture of ImAFish 6.

ImAFish 7

ImAFish 7 went through loads of different designs before finally settled on one in August 2003.

Here are some little pictures made for ImAFish 7, they never got used.

There was even an ImAFish a family made but never used.

Christmas came early to everyone on ImAFish 7 with this pretty logo.

An overall of ImAFish 7.

ImAFish 8

ImAFish 8 replaced ImAFish 7 after almost 2 years in April 2005. We finally got a logo I was happy with - a tweaked version from ImAFish 7.

Below is the updated forum logo.

ImAFish 8 merged the different areas of the site together more such as the forum, new gallery and Pete's mini site.