By Pete | @kingpetey | 18 Dec 2005

I have been playing around with the sites advertising all day trying to get our adverts to perform a bit better. Unfortunately ImAFish isn't cheap to run so we rely on adverts to support the site.

Areas of the site like the gallery and blogs were not built with adverts in mind thus is it hard to hack them apart and add adverts into them.

One of the adverts I have been putting on the forum is to get people to install firefox - a free web browser which is advertised as being more secure than Internet Explorer.

You will see adverts like:

The other adverts are standard Google ones, when I do some more work on ImAFish over the coming months I will try to integrate the adverts into better locations to try to make money.

We had quite a bit of success with the adverts on the blending documentary website. ImAFish gets a good number of hits a day so being able to make some money off all these hits would be good.

An example of some of the Google ads is below:

There is also a google search box on the forum now which if you use it to search then click on sponsored links we make money.

Please keep clicking adverts if there is something you fancy and install firefox through one of our links!