Computer problem

By Pete | @kingpetey | 15 Aug 2002

Just after i get my computer working just how i want it too the hard drive crashes big style! As i went to turn my computer on the other day the bios (that black screen you first see when yuo turn your computer on) could not detect the hard drive, so i opened up the tower and checked all the cables etc etc but nothing was wrong, i then checked the drive in another computer incase it was my computer playing up but still no joy. Thus i'm going to have to send it back to the manufacturers to either be fixed or to get me a new one. I'm hopeing for all my datas sake that they can fix it as i have a lot of songs and videos it would be a shame to loose let alone all the site files and the files for imafish 5!!

Anyway before my computer crashed we were making good progress on the beta version of imafish 5 and i have to admit its looking very good and a lot more professional. We were orginally planning to have the site done by the end of august/beginning of september now i'm not sure :/ However we will push on and keep working on more great content and articles for the site!