I have been experimenting with linux for over a year now and not always with much luck. Though things seem to be getting better with the quality of the distributions and my elite skills. What people demand out of a operating system is becoming greater and greater, i couldn't have done the things that i now do in linux a year ago as the software clearly wasn't developed enough and in many cases still need developing. In some cases after installing linux today i found i could do more things easier then i would do in windows. For instance i have a couple of DivXs which refused to play in windows which after installing xine played perfectly (i finally got to watch the first episode of series 2 of enterprise) also things like gaim tabbing msn windows stops things from getting too cluttered.

Though as per usual there is a down side which every time i use linux gets smaller. I miss the integration between outlook and msn, and though gaim is a great program it misses little things like showing when people are signing in and flashing on the start bar. Also i miss how xchat doesn't flash or beep when i get messages meaning i have to check back more regularly. Another problem i have found is with icons not displaying properly when i install something, i quite often have to assign a different icon to a program when adding it to the desktop.

Though things are heading in the right direction, I downloaded netscape 7 earlier which is probably the best webbrowser after mozilla. Xine is also another great program that can play all DivXs, MP3s and DVDs - how handy, tho the program needs a few more improvements before its perfect.

Overall I'm going to stick with linux for a while because I think its a great alternative to windows which In some ways is better and in others could do with some improvements.