Business owners across the world are always looking for an edge. They are constantly looking for ways to work faster, smarter and beat their competitors.

Most companies look at most aspects of their business, but they frequently fail to understand the impact that the workspace provided for their workforce has on productivity and creativity. This is a shame because studies show that placing people in the right work environment has a positive impact on how they perform.

These studies suggest that choosing the right workspace for your employees can make or break your business. Read on to find out what elements are most important.

The right location

Most business owners know that they need to locate themselves in the right area to attract customers. However, few of them realise that the location of their offices has a huge impact on how easy it is to attract the best employees.

A firm that is located in an out of the way or rough area will find it very hard to attract the best people. Employees may find it hard to get to work using public transport and will not have access to good facilities once there.

Nobody wants to be stranded on a small out of town industrial estate at lunchtime. Most people like to have the option to pop to the local cafe or run a few errands and do a little shopping. Locating yourself in an area with good access to transport, shops and restaurants makes your office a much more attractive proposition to potential employees.

Good internal design

Next on the list is internal design. Providing everyone with a well-lit workspace that they can easily keep at the right temperature is essential for productivity.  Easy access to restrooms, a small kitchen, meeting rooms and other facilities is also important. You don’t want people to waste time having to go to other floors for meetings or not being able to have a drink when they need one.

Other facilities

However, it is not enough to think only about the workspace you provide for your employees. You need to ensure that the other facilities your staff need are available.

Providing communal spaces where workers from different parts of your business can cross paths and build relationships can be very beneficial. Studies show that the majority of the best business ideas come about when workers from different areas of the business talk to each other casually, perhaps over a coffee or a canteen meal. Communal areas play an important role in how successful a firm is.

Where to find good quality office space

In most cities, there is plenty of commercial space available, so that is a good place to start your search. With the help of the right agent, you can easily find what your firm needs.

In London, if you are looking for good quality office space near Fenchurch Street is a good place to start your search. This area ticks all of the boxes it is well-connected, in an up and coming part of the city and the rents are very reasonable.

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