If you're reading this then the all new ImAFish 10.2 Seabass is working! After weeks of work the new version of ImAFish is ready to go. You will notice a new theme that is completely different to what we previously had. We wanted to simplify the whole design, making the pages load quicker and the text easier to read.

Why ImAFish 10.2 Seabass?

The previous version of ImAFish was 10.1 Monkfish, 10 being the tenth version of ImAFish. All of the 10x series of updates to ImAFish are being named after fish. Tech geeks will notice the humourous relation to the Apple operating system, OS X, releases.

Move to Drupal

The site is now entirely using the open source content management system called Drupal. After using Drupal for the past 18 months at work I decided that my flagship website needed to be running it.

All of our data has been migrated from three installations of Wordpress and a PHPBB Forum into a centrally managed Drupal installation. It wasn't easy but thanks to some great Drupal modules, a bit of database hacking and some IRC help everything has come into place.

This is not to say that Wordpress or PHPBB are not great scripts, they just do not integrate well on a site such as ImAFish and now that Drupal has got to the point where it can match functionality it seemed the perfect time to update.

Whats New

The best feature of the new ImAFish is being able to use your ImAFish profile to post anywhere on the site, no longer are the days where your forum account was different to your blog account. In the coming months we hope to integrate with Open ID opening the doorway for thousands of more visitors to post on ImAFish under their Open ID accounts.

The Forum has been signficantly updated with new features and there will be more to come in the next few weeks. Files can now be attached to topics and anonymous users can now post again. The restrictions of creating new accounts have also been lifted.

Great Time to Join

If you don't already have an ImAFish account then there is no better time to sign up and join the community!

Let me know what you think to the new site and if you have spotted any problems!