Content is the name of the game in the current online ecosystem. Influencers share content, and consumers consume it. Big brands curate multi-million-pound, multi-media advertising content, and consumers consume it. And for your business, content is your entrance into the competitive world of digital marketing - helping you to slowly accrue more sales and exposure over the course of your content-creating journey. This short guide is all about what online content can bring to your brand, outlining the main strategies you’ll use to boost your marketing output this winter.


When we say visibility in the online world, we’re talking about two parallel phenomena. This first is your ability to be seen across digital media, and the way in which this will stick in the mind of consumers and lead them to come and trade with you when they’re next looking for products like your own.

But the second, and the more technical way of interpreting the word ‘visibility’, has to do with your performance on Google’s search results pages. You see, if consumers Google your brand name, and you fail to make it up to the first page of search results, then you’re going to find that very few Internet users find your online store or website. If your content is found on Google’s first search results page, your visibility shoots through the roof. 

Content on blogs

This is where blog content comes in. You can use your blog, attached to your website, to perform content marketing. This is simply the practice of producing content affiliated with your brand, which you publish on the blog on your website - and across your social media. Check here to see specific guidelines for producing this content, including the best ways to boost your SEO - or Search Engine Optimisation - this winter.

By boosting your SEO, you’ll be found and clicked on by more consumers who have made an active search for keywords and key phrases related to your brand and the products or services that you offer. These keywords will be included in your blog content - linking end-user searches to content that’s already posted on your website.

Social media

Meanwhile, it’s not just on your blog that you need to publish and produce content. In fact, you’ll use social media pages throughout your digital marketing journey to link back to your website, while accruing more followers, likes, and hits on your social media pages, too.

Content on social media is rarely written. This is a corner of the Internet where you need to be short and snappy - where memes achieve more than long-form articles, and where you’re going to want to be strategic about how you publish material that’s aimed at your target consumers. The best way to produce this cutting-edge digital content is to hire digital marketing gurus with an aptitude for creating graphic content - like pictures, videos, and animations - which you’ll share with the world via social media.

Content is your key to the kingdom of online sales, and this piece introduces you to the main ways in which content can attract more business to your firm. 

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