With so much information about the iPhone being generated over the past week here is a run down of the various reviews and information we have been getting about the iPhone.

Reviews Walt Mossberg on the iPhone. One of the first iPhone reviews and goes into quite some detail about the various functions of the phone. This is a good starting place to find out about the iPhone. The New York Times iPhone Review. By David Pogue. Again another good starting place to find out about the iPhone. David Pogue's iPhone review. (video) He really doesn't like AT&T's Edge network. Cnet Australia on the iPhone vs the Nokia N95. Compares thickness, screen size, display surface, Wifi, talk time, internet use, video playback and audio playback time as well as a range of other criteria. The iPhone scorecard from reviews so far. The iPhone seems to be scoring highly so far.

Engadget on comparing the iPhone to the Blackberry. Essential read if you are thinking about an iPhone and are a business user. Wireless Info iPhone review. Says the iPhone is attractive to business users and is revolutionary in some ways but only evolutionary in others. First impressions for Daring Fireball. Splits the review up into the different parts of the phone, not as long as some reviews but has some very good points. Howard Forums on the problems with the iPhone. Points out some useful things that you might expect on other phones but not on the iPhone.

Engadget iPhone review. Detailed review about the various features, comes to the same conclusion as many other reviews though states that productivity with the iPhone could be better. TUAW with real world iPhone experience. Dave Caolo has fallen in love with the iPhone as he puts it. iLounge iPhone review. Ten pages of indepth iPhone information saying the phone is great but the two year contract sucks. TUAW initial thoughts on Mail and SMS. Generally positive about using SMS but as he admits he doesn't send a lot of SMS messages. Pocket-lint iPhone review. Great phone but still with it downsides, they are not convinced on the two year contract.

Hardware TUAW with some iPhone pictures and first impressions. Fixit on dismantling the iPhone. (Someone was going to do it sooner or later) PC World on the iPhone stress test. (Video) Engadget on the iPhone using an 620mhz ARM CPU. Potentially made by Samsung. Business Week on how much the iPhone components cost to make. Discusses some of the possible manufactures of parts and how much they cost. TUAW on the iPhone battery replacement warranty. Apple Insider on the internal components in the iPhone. Parts from Samsung and Intel.

Engadget on the iPhone not looking so cool. Nasty crack in the top of the iPhone from the edge of a table.. AnandTech on dissecting the iPhone. Lots of pictures and detail about what is inside the iPhone. How Stuff Works on how the iPhone works. Good detail of the touch screen system and features.

Rumours Engadget on a 3G iPhone for Europe. On Vodaphone and T-Mobile in the UK.

Apple Insider on how the iPhone could be updated for Leopard. Apple Insider admit they are not sure about this rumour.

Applications Lifehacker on the top 10 iPhone applications. Some useful apps and some not so useful apps. Hackintosh on the iPhone system restore image download. Download straight from Apple. Joe Hewitt on Firebug for the iPhone. Debugging software for the iPhone. 25 Top Web Applications for the iPhone. Includes iPhone Chat, Google Reader, iPhoneDigg and OneTrip Shopping list. iPhone Source. Good website on iPhone applications.

Activation Engadget on the iPhone costs. (All American costs, no European costs available yet). Apple Insider on porting ineligible numbers to the iPhone. TUAW on how to get a contract-free iPhone. More on prepay from TUAW using 999-99-9999 as your social security number.

Interface Apple video on the keyboard interface. Official video from Apple about how to use the on screen touch typing. Think Secret with high resolution iPhone interface screen shots. Some nice pictures of the phone if you have not yet seen what it looks like. Gizmondo on touch typing on the iPhone. (Video) Engadget video on iPhone interface. Available in high definition. The iPhone Root Password. Ged Blog on setting the iPhones wallpaper. Useful if you want to put pictures from web sites onto the wallpaper of your phone.

Humour Stephen Colbert on the iPhone. He doesn't actually have one but has the next best thing, an imaginary one. Punking an Apple Fanboy on iPhone release week. Some people have too much time on their hands, funny though! The Joy of Tech Comic.

Other Gizmondo on what the iPhone doesn't have. Songs as ringtones (seems an obvious thing to have), games, flash, MMS (seems obvious too) and video recording to name a few. BBC on the iPhone making it into stores. Includes a video of Google CEO Eric Schmidt showing off his iPhone. BBC on the iPhone creating a stir at launch. Selling over 500,000 units in its opening weekend. Three accessories that won't work on your iPhone. Won't work as a phone when docked into speakers, no stereo Bluetooth and your headphones may not work. Think there is something missing from this list? Contact me.


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