By Pete | @kingpetey | 04 Sep 2006

I get paranoid when it comes to data backup and anything that makes it easier and cheaper is always welcome. Currently I backup to external hard drive by simply syncing my home directory to the drive. This is great unless my house is burnt down or the drive is stolen and there is always the risk of it failing. I’ve looked into online backup but for any sort of reasonable space it will cost hundreds of £££ per year. Then Amazon launched s3, mainly meant as a development platform for web services it offered large amounts of cheap disk space and bandwidth. It didn’t take long for JungleDisk to start exploiting this as a data storage service.

As a price comparison each 1gig of data costs $.15 (8p)/month to store on S3 making it far cheaper then Xdrive, Box.net and .Mac (price comparison). Also unlike some other services JungleDisk allowed for unlimited storage. The client comes for Windows, Mac and Linux so it is easy to access your data and with it being online you can install the client as many machines as you want in order to access your data. JungleDisk currently makes no money from the service while they are developing it which does make u wonder how they intend to make it profitable in the future, I’m guessing either through charging for a premium client or somehow taking a cut of the disk space and bandwidth usage. I can see the service being popular but its uptake will be hampered because of slow Internet connections, while most of us in the UK can get between 8-10mb download our upload link has barely changed and still averages at 256kb. To upload 600mb of data it took 18hours, now just think if you say wanted to backup your mp3 collection and soon TV shows and films. Syncing to my external hard drive takes about 10minutes per week but a similar backup to S3 could take hours possibly even days. Online backup is affordable its just not quite accessible and it wont be until the ISPs start increasing upload bandwidth for ADSL and Cable users.

JungleDisk is great for documents but for any sort of multimedia unless you have an SDSL service or a higher upload bandwidth on normal connections it makes uploading a slow process.


Hi, you can also take a look at IBackup for Windows, which was recently rated by PC World as the `best all-around backup service.

With IBackup for Windows the backup and restores of files and folders are fast, easy and reliable IBackup has easy-to-use wizards for interactive backups, restores and backup/restore scheduling. IBackup for Windows also has the look and feel of the Windows Explorer with some great features to backup and restore important data. IBackup accounts are compatible with most FTP clients on most platforms providing a powerful flexible tool to transfer files.

Yeah, apart from iBackup being about 10 to 100 times more expensive than using Jungledisk and S3 - it's a cracking idea! Can you say "astroturf" Mr Spammer?

If you're UK based (although nothing to stop you using it from anywhere) you might find ewedrive.com useful and fast.

They have a pay-as-you-go pricing structure (priced in pounds Sterling so you'll have to do the conversion yourself) and have a really nice and easy web based file manager.

They've also seem to have covered the 'slow Internet upload' problem - just send them your stuff (encrypted of course) on CD and they'll upload it for you.

BT doing it now as part of their broadband package

I think you're being unfair on online backup systems, and JungleDisk in particular.

I use JungleDisk to backup my photo collection (about 4GB), and will be using it for music soon (about 22GB). It's very fast and reliable, and because it's using Amazon's service the cost is extremely low. They make money by charging for the client after 30 days. Currently this costs $20 (

JungleDisk and Ewedrive are good for home users who need to backup videos, images etc from a single computer. However, they are not the best for businesses who need to backup high volumes of file data and databases such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL etc. They need a much higher level of security, performance and availability. If you are a business who needs an online backup service suggest you have a look at http://perfectbackup.co.uk who offer 99.999% availability and a

Good point! We use a business class online backup service called http://www.securidata.co.uk which includes a monthly data restore test on all files to ensure data is corruption free. I guess like all things in life - you get what yuo pay for...

Yes, online backup is expensive when compared to hard drive storage costs. We get this all the time from potential clients. Despite explanations of the differences and merits, online backup is not suited to everyone. It comes down to not only (or even) budget but data types.
When considering online backup it is important to try to put a tangible value on your data. Your home photo collection may have extreemly high personal value but no commercial value. It is therefore likely that you will choose to mind it offline. Your company accounts may represent a lower quantity of data and low personal value but high commercial value and therefore be suitable for online backup. The trick here is not to find a cheap or free online backup provider for all your data but to differentiate between personal non commercail data you should trust yourself to look after freey (rather than give it to someone else to "lok after" for free and high value commercial data you are prepared to pay to have someone else fully accountable for.
I work for an online backup company. I dont backup my home videos online as it would not be financially viable. I do however backup some critical photos, most text documents and all filtered email.

Backupanytime.com , offering secure Irish based online backup for UK business

Your should check out a site http://www.onlinedatastore.co.uk . They are an online backup company who offers all the usual services, but with an unusual additional service. Use their backup software to copy your data to a USB drive or a DVD, send it to them and they upload it to their servers straight away. This means you do not have to spend days uploading your data. I sent them 43GB of data on a disk, I was then backing up the changes the day after. I have been using them for about 6 months now and would fully recommend their services. I only pay

I went on to http://www.backupanytime.com as per John ONeills