Deciding on an ISP

By Pete | @kingpetey | 11 Apr 2008

When deciding on service providers there is often a clear choice, whether it be because they have a local monopoly (like my water provider) or because they offer you a good deal (like my mobile phone provider) but when it comes to finding an ISP noone has a good deal.

At the one end there are the free/very cheap providers that are unreliable, have poor techical support and a low bandwidth cap. At the other end are the very expensive providers that I don't want to fork out for. Then there are the providers that throttle traffic at certain times to one degree or another.

Somewhere in the middle fell the provider I decided to go with - Plus net, for

**The rest of this post has become corrupted**


Thought you were gonna go with Sky?

Good choice. I rate as a provider.

Just ended up getting TV with sky in the end, I think Plus Net are better as an ISP.

Looks like affordable price

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